Terms & Conditions


mr. Necturus

The article below is a License agreement between the customer and mr. Necturus.

By Purchasing and downloading products from mr. Necturus, the products purchased are only licensed to you and they are not sold to you, i.e. you cannot resell the product in a 3d shop like mr. Necturus shop.

The products, whether 3d, video or any other art content are owned by mr. Necturus.


mr. Necturus allows and grants you the customer a worldwide, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use the products in video games, videos, and website promotional content. This license is active and valid only in refernce to the products sold on mr. Necturus, and then said, only if you have purchased them. Any usage of mr. Necturus content by an individual who has not purchased the products, even in a non commercial setting is not asceptable.. All rights are reserved and will be removed if you the customers, does not adhere to this.

mr. Necturus products may be used Royalty Free in the following scenarios:

1) For personal or commercial use.
2) For advertising or promotional use.
3) For website or in any electronic devices.
4) In broadcast, multimedia, video games or animation.
(in as many applications as necessary)
5) In books or magazines.
6) The products may be modified for individual style and appearance.

The following is prohibited:

Selling your mr. Necturus license, allowing other to use mr. Necturus content even in a non commercial setting. i.e. giving a friend or colleague the content to evaluate. For evaluations of artwork or music, please contact us for assistance.

Market, distribute, give, transfer, sell or sublicense the products in any form with the exception of a compiled application such as a video game.


License to Animation data.
If Customer purchased my animations as animation collections or embedded into my animated characters he use it only for animate his own characters and use it only by himself. 
He can't resell or redistribute animations in any other way "as is". In this case "as is" means that he can't resell and adverts his assets, which includes my animation data in order that his possible buyers will be able to use animation data exactly like he did - to animated their own characters. 
There is no mater in what file format animation data was converted and what soft may be used to operate these files, animation data remains the same thing, and remains my property. 
For instance: if user made game character and used my animations to give it some motions, he can use character in his game, move or stills. Resslling such animated characters is not allowed.
In all cases that user may need to change my animations and modify it, please ask me for assistance individually. Thank you!